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Craig Floate

After leaving school Craig studied at a top catering college in Nottingham, and soon realised that cooking and tasting different foods and flavours was part of who he was and what he wanted to do on a daily basis. Of course, like many before him, he spent a good amount of his teenage years waiting tables and working in various different places including a small French bistro in the evenings but by the time he gained his qualifications Craig soon realised that the cooking industry had much more to offer than just a part time job.

His first full time job came as a Chef de Partie in a medium sized hotel in the North East of England where his skills and knowledge developed every single day, and little did he know at the time, but the basics he learnt there and classic dishes he tried, tested and perfected would stay with him until the current day.

As he progressed and grew in confidence and ability, Craig soon realised he wanted to experience different types of catering and so moved into such industries as contract catering as well as university and corporate catering where he excelled in everything that he tried his hand at.

Craig found himself working in the sporting and event industry, working at many of the UK's racecourses, football and rugby stadiums and cooking at some of the biggest events, including Royal Ascot, Cheltenham race festival, Wimbledon, British open golf and many different music and motorsports events, too.

From here, Craig was chosen to as a team chef for the British sailing team in preparation for the London 2012 Olympic Games, held in Weymouth, Dorset. Not only catering for the GB sailing team during the build up process but also during the 2012 Olympic Games, sharing in the highs and lows that only come with this truly memorable occasion, Craig proudly supported the team by providing catering all across Europe and the UK.

Tending to the needs of professional athletes, whilst the sailing team focused on competing in world class events, despite the challenge of working across a range of locations with various languages being spoken, Craig found this opportunity an honour to say the least.

Tiramisu from Personal Chef Craig Floate
Starter Ham
Mini Yule Log - Nottingham Chef
Starter - Craig Floate

​What does one do after being part of such a remarkable opportunity?

​In Craig's case, being inspired and drawing on the rollercoaster ups and downs of life, he decided to begin working as a personal chef, specialising in private dining and corporate event dining throughout Nottingham and the surrounding areas such Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Mansfield, the Peak District and all over the UK.

Working with local suppliers to provide a truly personal touch by cooking fantastic food and bringing it into people's homes for them to enjoy has always been a driving force in Craig's mind and it now seems that he is going from strength and strength, thanks to a loyal band of customers looking for local sourced, fresh cooking.

Of course, it is not difficult to see the appeal of the array of simple yet delicious food on offer as Craig delivers the sort of ingredient-driven regional dishes he enjoyed throughout his childhood years and beyond. But, the thing that really sets Craig's fantastic cooking apart here, though, is the fact that it is so seasonal – something that is, still bizarrely, a rarity.

And, because of this, the menu's he creates see changes all time as new ingredients come and go in the kitchen to deliver exceptional dishes, each and every time.

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