Meet The Team

Craig Floate

​Food has always been apart of Craigs life, ever since he was young. He first got into the restuarant industry waiting tables, whilst doing at a top catering collage in the evenings. He soon took on a job at a small French bistro. He then joined a hotel and was able to develop his skills even further. 

Craig then got into corporate catering and catered for many well-known events. He then decided to become a private chef, as he wanted to bring restaurant quality food to the comfort of peoples homes. 

Personal Chef Craig Floate

We have a great team here and wanted to introduce them to you. Here are a few questions we asked each of them. 

1) How long have you worked with Craig Floate Chef?

2) Why do you like working for Craig Floate Chef?

3) What do you do in your normal 9-5 life?

4) favourite foods/ingredients to cook with?

Check out their answers below


1. Ever since day one.

2. He gives you the confidence to express yourself when helping to serve up courses.

3. Teacher

4. Pork Belly, tarragon, and most things battered 😂


1) I’ve worked for Craig for 18 months (although 2020 seems to have lasted for 2 years)

2) Craigs wit and charm

3) Corporate Front of House napkin maker and napkin folder extraordinaire

4) halloumi, crispy cauliflower, pasta, pretty good at scallops


1) I have worked for Craig for two years.

2) I like meeting new people and getting to see the familiar faces. Craig always has a great team on hand to make every event fun.

3) I work at The Air Ambulance Landing Pad.

4) I love cooking all kinds of risotto.


1. I’ve worked with CraigFloateChef for just over a year now

2. Everything. Craig has a wonderful with team

3. I’m currently training to become a secondary school teacher

4. I love cooking with Mushrooms, Soy Chicken and Halloumi!


1.) I’ve been working with craig for nearly a year..

2.) I like going different places and meet new people and he helps me build up my confidence as a chef.

3.) Either working in the restaurant or baking at home.

4.) I love anything with rice, pasta, chocolate and most things that requires baking.
jalapeños to everything


1) Ive worked for Craig for just over a year

2)Ive liked working in various locations and meeting new people. And the food is delicious

3) About to start my biomedicine course in Leicester so not currently working

4) Chicken, chillis and Salmon


1. I have been working for Craig for about a year now.

2. I love working for Craig as the team are brilliant and I always have a lot of fun.

3. I am a dog walker and a childminding assistant.

4. I love cooking with garlic, mushrooms and adding jalapeños to everything

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